Baby Steps

Slow down baby, what's the hurry?

Each of my three children were born early. My son Jonathan set the standard at around 36 weeks and the others followed suit. It seemed as if they were in a terrible hurry to get here, to get to work and to be. They were being called. I had to get ready.

When you Get the calling or at least hear a voice it can be a very exciting experience. Like being born again and given a new stab at life. Everything has to happen fast or perhaps your opportunity will fade away. And everyone around you has to hear your message because it is so powerful. But yoga instructs us to have faith that were are exactly where we are supposed to be, even when we are alone.
Even when no one is listening.

It can be difficult to consider that awakening is a personal journey. Especially when we spend most of our lives with other people. Childhood is more of an exercise in living with others that it is about growing up. Adulthood at times forces us into conformity. It's only natural to want a traveling companion. The problem is that awareness happens from the inside out. One has to pave the way for self before we can create a path for others.  And we are instructed to Be the change we want to see, not to shout from a rooftop " I am saved now follow me."

Maybe the best thing to do is just shut up about it. When the time is right the message will land. We come to the mat alone for good reason ; yoga mats aren't made for doubles. So don't waste precious time doubting your choice to live this life, or doubting the words you speak, or doubting the truth you seek.

Continue to be kind, loving and giving. Continue to be happy, sad and content. Continue to just be. Life can be summed up really simply;

Celebrate yesterday's lessons so you won't  have to live them again.
Embrace tomorrow's uncertainty so you will always have something to look forward to.
Relish in today's experiences so you don't take them for granted.

There is seldom a reason to hurry progress. It unfolds at precisely the right time.

Yours in Yoga (pants that is)